Tax Planning and Preparation Services for Agribusinesses

We work with farmers, animal feed companies, and many other types of agribusinesses.

Not all tax accountants understand the intricacies of how the Federal tax law applies to farms and other agricultural businesses, but at Patten Thiebaud LLC, our CPA Firm specializes in this aspect of the tax code. We know how to align your tax and business plan to decrease effective tax rates and avoid overpayments and penalties. Our firm monitors revisions to tax laws to proactively plan and avoid surprises at tax time. We also employ a number of proven tax planning strategies to ensure that when family farms are turned over to beneficiaries, we minimize taxes and transfer assets in an organized, timely manner.

  • Tax planning strategies
  • Tax preparation
  • Farm sales and use tax exemptions
  • Depreciation of bulls
  • Capitalization of equipment
  • Agricultural employment taxes
  • Assistance in estate planning with your attorney
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